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    Introduction to the:ModelfeaturesFlyingmarkingmachine,lasermachine)ismycompanytoelectronic,pharmaceutical,tobacco,leather,packaging,foodandotherindustriescarvedofnon-metallicmaterials,cuttingtoassemblylineandthelatestres
Product details

Model features

Flying marking machine, laser machine) is my company to electronic, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, food and other industries carved of non-metallic materials, cutting to assembly line and the latest research and development of laser technology, precision machinery, electronic technology, computer science in the integration of high-tech products. Can meet the needs of more than 85% of all kinds of production lines, no need to consume materials, non-toxic, pollution-free.

JET series laser JET is high in electromechanical conversion rate, stable performance can be extended for a long time, and it can be maintained for 40,000 hours. Compared with traditional inks, the laser jet is efficient, convenient, free of materials, non-toxic and pollution-free. Flight marking machines can be used to configure our own assembly line work or to cooperate directly with the existing assembly line work.

The advantages of the equipment are:

1. The effect of the spout is fine, beautiful and expressive. It has the intelligent, stable and high efficiency of marking.

2. The logo shall not be erased and will not fade permanently, with anti-counterfeiting and anti-stampeding functions.

3. Simple structure, no vulnerable parts, convenient installation, operation and maintenance. Operation cost is low, compared to conventional inkjet marking more convenient, clean, non-toxic, non-polluting, dispense with ink, solvents and other consumption goods cost, and excused change ink cartridges, cleaning nozzle of daily process.

Applicable materials and industry applications

It is widely used in multi-industry, multi-material surface, running high speed and stability, suitable for various workshops and production line conditions, suitable for food, beverage, medicine, tobacco and other industries of packaging marking.

Widely applicable to paper, PVC, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic, leather, cloth and other material surface marking machining.

Technical parameters

Type no. : SMC series/SMF series

Laser power: 10W / 20W / 30W / 55W

Laser wavelength: 10.64 mu m / 1064nm

Laser repeat frequency: 1.2 KHz - 200kHz

Standard size: 110mm x 110mm

The range of the option is: 70mm x 70mm / 160mm x 160mm / 300mm x 300mm

Sprinkler line speed: less than 15000mm/s

Minimum line width: 0.15mm

Line number: no more than 8 rows

Character types: Chinese, English characters, numeric symbols

Maximum assembly speed: 70m/min

Machine power: 1.5kw